Highest Paid Government Jobs – FBI

Among some of the highest paying government jobs, the FBI has a wide variety of jobs within its infrastructure. Here are some of the highest paying FBI jobs along with some of the less talked about FBI position.

FBI Jobs In Operations and Intelligence

Special agents – their roles can include protecting and serving the community with identifying and dealing with threats in various forms including terrorist and upholding the law and U.S constitution. Applicants for this position must be U.S citizen of age 23 – 36 years and the application can take up to a year to be approved.

Intelligence Analysts – as the name suggests the primary role at this position level is to collect and analyze data, mitigate possible threats through analysis, and relay this information to other sectors of the FBI in order to mitigate threats before they happen. This is just one aspect of this role and of course as with all FBI jobs comes a far greater spectrum of tasks and responsibilities.

Surveillance Intelligence – this role although similar to an intelligence analysts takes on more of the front end gathering of information directly to support agents and analysts. They may be considered the eyes and ears of the FBI and along with other sectors enable the FBI to identify domestic and international threats.

Other Specialized FBI Career Paths

STEM – [Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics] – The FBI uses forensic and science and technical skills and this is known as STEM. Agents who choose this career path usually will have experience or a chance to work with all of the other above mentioned sectors at some point as their expertise crosses over into forensic science, computer technology, cyber security, electronic surveillance and other technologies.

The FBI has a diverse range of tasks and jobs to perform and we have only mentioned the tip of the ice berg above, there is so  much more both seen and unseen that goes to make up the full diversity of government and jobs within the FBI.

More of the qualities and qualifications that make up some of the other FBI jobs behind the scenes can include, photographic and communications skills, design and programming etc in order to achieve specific goals, Accounting and financing not only within the administration of the FBI but as an investigative and preventative measure against money laundering and fraud plays a large and important role. There are medical and psychology opportunities, legal and logistics, and policing and legal challenges all of which have their own specialized divisions within the FBI.

A career path within the FBI can be lifelong and rewarding for those who choose this road. For more information and how to apply can be found on the website https://www.fbijobs.gov.