Natural Colic Remedy For Babies

There are several time proven and tested ways to help relieve baby colic symptoms including particular methods of soft massage and also some ingested medicines and treatments.

What is baby colic?

Colic is not actually some specific illness or ailment it is just a name given to describe the symptoms when babies cry for long periods of time even though there appears to be no visible or medical reason that a doctor can diagnose.  Therefore the term colic is broadly used when any or all of the following are possible reasons for babies discomfort:

  • Wind and/or gas
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Acid Reflux
  • Muscle Tenseness & Diaphragm tenseness

Specific methods of massage and gentle body manipulation have shown to help reduce symptoms in colicky babies and this form of relief or massage has become referred to by some as the ‘back paddle, details of how to perform this massage technique can be found on you-tube and various other places online. Other methods of soothing colic include the usual things parents would instinctively try with their child such as rocking and cradling them to help relax and send them off to sleep. Another favorite is wrapping baby up and going for a walk in the pushchair or putting baby in the car seat and going for a drive, often this movement and sound is enough to sooth babies crying and send them into a gentle sleep. Some mothers have found that giving baby a warm bath or even bathing with the baby in arms in warm water helps.

There are some homeopathic and medicinal remedies out there now too and one named Colic calm is the first homeopathic gripe water treatment for colic, contains all natural ingredients, and colic calm FDA approved and can be found online and it is also available in some high street pharmacies and baby stores.