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I miss playing at recess with my friends and I miss talking to my teachers, Kristina, Bo, and Susan.”

Ava Marie Carr, grade 2


COVID Update: ACS is operating with a hybrid in-person model. Students will be on campus two days per week and also engage in distance learning. 

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“You’ll find us doing different activities – going on a hut trip, biking in the desert, swimming on the shores of Lake Powell, walking in the ruins of Peru, talking to senators in DC. I’ve done things I would have never done otherwise. ACDS even offers the middle school kids a chance to go on trips with lower school grades to be outdoor ed leaders. I loved doing this…”
Max Marshall, ACDS Class of 2020

COVID Campus Update: 
ACDS opened for in-person learning on Monday, August 24. 
LEARN MORE FROM MOUNTAIN PARENT about the school’s C-19 protocols, find articles written by teachers, a photo gallery, scheduled activities, and other details HERE.

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COVID Campus Update: 

Grades K-4: Hybrid model with 50%/50% On-Campus and Remote learning starting September 8.
Grades 5-12: 100% Distance Learning starting August 31

LEARN MORE HERE about ASD’s “Return to Learning 2020”


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“We are all united as one… We all face the same problems. For example, global warming. It’s not American warming or Chinese warming. It’s global warming. The whole world united as one… People are starting to care about people outside their inner circle, people other than their family and friends. I think the reason this is happening is because we are all having a new understanding of each other.”
Avelyn O’Doherty AES grade 4

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“I don’t think that I ever truly realized how important these people are to me until I couldn’t see any of them. We have come a long way together, and we still have so much to go. These are the people that I can share my work with no matter how ridiculous, share my ideas with even if they are so wrong that it’s hilarious, laugh with and cry with. We share what we are stressed about because we are all in the same boat.”
Darienne Kenny AMS grade 7


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“My Grandma Connie used to love the book The Little Engine That Could. The book tells the story of a train carrying toys and food for the children in the next town over. However, the engine runs out of coal and is unable to make it up a large hill. Several other engines pass by without offering to help. That is, until the Little Engine that Could arrives at the scene. Despite never having made it up the hill herself, she pulled the stranded engine up the hill saying “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Although it sounds silly, this mantra has served as a guiding principle in my life. Whenever I face a difficult challenge, I repeat “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”
Quinn Ramberg valedictorian, Class of 2020

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