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Challenge Aspen Rec Program Director

Deborah Sullivan {DS}  When did you start skiing?

Tanner: This is my 6th season skiing. I told my parents I was interested in skiing, so they found me a coach at Challenge Aspen. During my second season, I started racing Special Olympics, and then from my third to now my sixth year, I have also done NASTAR Nationals.

{DS}: How did Challenge Aspen help you get started?

Tanner: Challenge Aspen helped by assigning me a one-on-one coach, first Leslie, then Bob and Jim. I felt safer with a coach, otherwise, I might have been too scared to try.

{DS}: Beside skiing, have you thought about other benefits from participation with Challenge Aspen?

Tanner: I have more friends. I was able to move away from home with a roommate for two years. And now I am living on my own. I got involved with Mountain Valley Developmental Services. They help me with Social Security and other benefits.

My apartment is small, especially the bathroom. It’s like a hotel, but I like it. Living by myself, I can keep things clean.

I also changed jobs, working now for Mr. Vac, but I don’t have as much hands-on as I did with my old job.

“I didn’t realize I had the

talent for skiing until I tried it.

I might try something new again…maybe snowboarding.”

… Tanner Jadwin

Challenge Aspen

(970) 923-0578

Challenge Aspen – Rec Programs:

Lessons, guides and ski buddies for anyone with a disability, ages 5+

Challenge Aspen – Locals Ski Program:

Thursdays and Saturdays from early December until March. Skiers go out with their Challenge Aspen buddies for a day of recreational skiing or ski race training, depending on the skier’s interest and ability.

Challenge Aspen – Social Wellness Program:

Year-round, 3-4 days per week for Roaring Fork Valley residents.

A wide variety of activities: swimming, bowling, movies, game day, pound/stretch class (exercise and yoga), bike riding, horseback riding, river rafting, sailing, stand-up paddleboarding, visiting Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park and other seasonal activities.

Plan Ahead for summer camp overnight programs at a ranch above
Ruedi Reservoir, with hiking, climbing, archery, and other camp activities. 

Deborah Sullivan

Deb is originally from Boulder, but spent a significant amount of time in the Northwest and oversees, in Bermuda, where she sailed competitively. She moved to the Roaring Fork Valley almost 10 years ago and is happy to be back out on the slopes with local participants of Challenge Aspen. Tanner Jadwin, whom she interviews in our Good Sports column, is one of the many athletes who are thriving because of the work of Deb and her colleagues. Her passion is sharing the outdoors with others, making sure that, with adaptations, all are able to enjoy nature and activity. She has two great rescue dogs, Izzy and Sofia, and spends as much time as possible outdoors with them too.

About Deb Sullivan

Challenge Aspen Rec Program Director