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Erin’s Acres Farm

Erin Cuseo: mother and homeschooler of three children. Organic farmer/rancher offering a seasonal C.S.A. growing vegetables, herbs, orchard fruits, eggs, water buffalo meat and dairy herd shares. 

Erin Cuseo
“I got into farming because I was pregnant with my first child

And I wasn’t sure what to do. After she was born and I was able to bring her with me to the farm for the first year of her life, I knew I wanted to pursue farming and have my kids involved.

Such a dreamy place-

Little kids learning on the farm, interacting with animals, tasting food straight from the ground. Through my business, my kids are able to homeschool and get a pretty well-rounded education. Math, social skills, cooking, and more.

The most fulfilling way for me to rejuvenate myself when I’m waist-deep in farm chores, emails, and dirt is to listen to my kids. I set aside all work and multitasking and really listen while they direct the conversation. It’s so youthful and genuine. This reminds me to be gentle with myself and that I must not allow stress and work to guide me. Sometimes it’s not until the end of the day when we read aloud together, but we always try to find time for this.

… Erin Cuseo


Erin’s Acres Farm

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