Due to COVID-19, the wheels on the CRES school bus were NOT going ’round and ’round Carbondale.

When school resumed in August, students stayed home for online classes. However, since the students couldn’t go to school, campus librarian Danny Stone found a way to bring the school to students. His Biblio Bus program provides an opportunity for students to step away from their computer screens, come outside, get some fresh air, interact with others in a safe way, and – best of all – check out books.


CRES Biblio Bus

“It’s given me the opportunity to have some great conversations with kids about how to find a “good fit” book–the kind of book that will help that kid get hooked on reading,” Stone says.

Every afternoon, the bus stops at two different Carbondale locations. Stone and bus driver Tracey Lee set up a library with a wide selection of books. Students come to browse, talk about what kind of books they might like to read, make book requests, and select a couple of books that look the most enticing to them. The following week, students can return their books and check out new ones. Parents often accompany their kids to explore the Biblio-bus library.

ArtistYear/Biblio Bus

As a special treat, the ArtistYear Americorp fellow Emily Acri provides live music during bus stops. Sometimes she is accompanied by fellow members of the “Sopris Quartet” made up of 4 local ArtistYear program fellows.


2:00 – Red Rock Diner, 155 Highway 133
3:15 – Gianinetti Park (Village Road & Wheel Drive)

2:00 – Santa Lucia Apartments, 100 Roaring Fork Avenue
3:15 – Miner’s Park (Barber Drive & Hendrick Drive)

2:00 – Homestead Apartments, 900 Garfield Avenue
3:15 – Crystal Valley Mobile Home Park, 1179 Highway 133

2:00 – Garfield Court (Sopris Avenue & Snowmass Drive)
3:15 – Third Street Center

2 Scheduled Dates