Stop by Basalt Regional Library with your 4-year-old for a FREE book, offered by the library in conjunction with One Book Colorado / Un Libro Colorado.  Multiple titles will be available in both English and Spanish.

October 13 – October 25.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the spotlighted books.


Little Red Fort

written by Brenda Maier
illustrated by Sonya Sanchez

PreS-Gr 2—This book begins with the line, “Ruby’s mind was always full of ideas.” When the child finds some old boards she decides that she wants to build something. So she asks her brothers for help. They tell her she doesn’t know how, but she says, “Then I’ll learn.” Each step of the way Ruby asks the boys to help, but every time they reply: “Not me,” said Oscar Lee; “I don’t think so,” said Rodrigo; and “No way” said José. So each time Ruby does everything herself. She draws the plans, gathers the supplies, cuts the boards (with her mom’s help), hammers the nails (with grandma’s help). Finally when the fort is complete, Ruby asked who wants to play in it. Her three brothers definitely want to do that. But Ruby tells them that they haven’t done anything to help her, so she will play in the fort by herself. The boys set about to make amends by fashioning a mailbox, planting flowers, and painting the fort fire-engine red. Ruby loves it! That evening she invites her brothers to a cookie feast, which they all enjoy in the fort. The bold and dynamic artwork captures the kids’ personalities and creative energy.

VERDICT: This delightful retelling of the old story of “The Little Red Hen” is perfect for storytime or one-on-one sharing. It also reminds girls that they can do whatever they set their minds to do.—Elaine Lesh Morgan, formerly at Multnomah County Library, Portland, OR



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The Little Red Fort