Inspire. Express. Create.

Ages: 6 & up
Dates: July 13, 14, 15, 16, 2020
Times: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Travel a whimsical world of wonder this summer creating a trending trailer that travels selling tasty + tempting (non-edible) treats all handmade by a mini maker mouse.

Artists will create a much-loved maker mouse sculpture by creating individualized armatures that will use paper mache, upcycled goods, paint, fabric, and embellishments to personalize this cuter than a button creative character. Designing 2D to 3D, artists will dive into additional mini-masterpieces from munchies, macaroons, a mini mug, and mouthwatering mmm’s.

Artists will delightfully drive daily in their imaginations exploring mixed media merrymaking with their clever creations including a mini mouse, a personalized (cute + creative + colorful + cozy) camp trailers, and tasty treats that all artfully interact for a playful presentation.

The workshop culminates with a “Six-Foot Safe” mini-exhibit + recognition ceremony at the end of the week. HANDMAKERY’s art opening tradition will continue with COVID protocols in place because they create confidence and community for artists to sparkle + shine + showcase their sweet successes in the studio.

Please note: In compliance with C-19 safety standards, class sizes are reduced and spots are going quickly. You can make a reservation with a direct link to the studio from the shopping cart on the left. Workshop fees include all materials.