Ages: 6-11
June – July
Full Day. Weekly Sessions. 

Mermaid Camps
These small, fun camps can be viewed more as a creative retreat, rather than a large bustling camp. Children gather at Pam Porter’s home art studio in RVR in Carbondale. It’s cute, colorful and perfect for children who benefit from having their own work-station in an orderly and calm space. Children love the mermaid art projects in the mornings, and the mermaid games (including Pam’s new board game- Mermaid World) and entertainment in the afternoons. Swimming will be added back in this summer at the RVR pool if COVID permits. The mermaid camp theme for the summer revolves around the Hawaiian Islands. Projects include: making whale stuffed animals and beautiful and flowery mermaid dolls, creating mermaid resorts, beach dioramas and mini-surfboards. Campers end each week with a festive mermaid luau.