Custom Children’s Murals, Decorative Painting and Restoration
Lazure Custom Wall Designs offers custom children’s murals, trompe l’oeil and all decorative paint and faux finishes – specializing in a unique European glazing finish called Lazure. Lazure walls are simply made of magic. They capture the light in a way that no other technique can. The colors seem to transform gently with changing light, with the time of day and with the seasons. They offer a surprisingly sophisticated method to showcase color in a space.

About the Artist
Charles Andrade of Lazure Custom Wall Designs is a valley local who travels worldwide for custom mural commissions and Lazure. To learn more about Lazure in depth, read an article he authored here. Charles has had a life-long fascination with color and painting that has evolved from his initial training in Anthroposophic Art therapy at the Tobias school in England. There, he has also mastered Lazure, a unique European wall treatment utilized for creating healing interior environments. Andrade has owned and operated Lazure Custom Wall Designs for over 25 years – a mural and decorative/faux painting business, specializing in Lazure. In addition to Lazure, Charles paints commercial and residential murals, which are perfect for children’s rooms, family playrooms and schools. He is also available for decorative painting, restoration and renovation projects.
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Further Resources
In October 2018 Mountain Parent interviewed Charles for our annual Homelife special section. We asked him for some further insight regarding the use of color and light in a home. Here’s what he had to say… Thank you Charles!
“Color can be the most important design element when creating an interior space. I work with a unique European wall finish called Lazure, that utilizes both color and light. This decorative wall finish offers color tones that you do not achieve when painting the same room in a flat opaque color. Lazured walls produce light saturated colors similar to what is seen in nature when one looks out over the mountains through a sunlit atmosphere.In this regard, I take great inspiration from the German writer Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe who wrote a treatise on color. Goethe showed through numerous prism exercises that color is what he called a border phenomenon, demonstrating the lawful relationship color has to light and darkness.The four properties of color; hue, value, intensity and temperature – all come into play on the walls in a breathing, nuanced and luminous manner. This creates intervals of tint, tone, and shade that express how color responds to light, and this can have either a calming or enlivening effect. In the painting world, this translates into how one wants to express color in their living space or in their artwork.It is this understanding of the intervals between light, color and darkness and how they relate to our psychology, that has informed both my wall finish work and my own approach to fine art painting. With Lazure, I work with the expansive or contractive quality of warm and cool colors and how they play into the psychology of social and personal spaces of a home. In my artwork, which often utilizes the same basic application technique, I work to develop a living dialogue with light, color and darkness as a guide to creating images.”