Meet Greg Domashovetz, the director of the Roaring Fork Fencers Club. He moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in 2017 from Denver, bringing a truly unique sporting skill-set… fencing! Fast forward through his hard work and today you can find a valley-wide afterschool fencing program for our local kids. Classes start at age 5 for individual lessons and age 7 for group lessons, which are offered in Glenwood Springs, Carbondale and Aspen. Coach Greg captures the essence of what kids feel about fencing, “It’s a chance to unleash your inner Jedi, pirate, knight, samurai, or international athlete and be swept away by something unexpected.” Roaring Fork Fencers Club classes help kids develop patience, strategic thinking, balance and spatial awareness.

When interviewed by The Sopris Sun last year, Greg had a lot to say about the physical demands of fencing – “Nothing gives you a workout quite like fencing,” Domashovetz explained. “You develop endurance from moving up and down the strip during the course of a bout, but you also develop arm, leg, and core strength from quick changes of direction and explosive lunges.”

Stay tuned for the latest Roaring Fork Fencers Club program information through MP’s Activity Finder. Kids are sure to love the fast-moving, forward-thinking sport of sword play.