Teresa’s Doula Service

The Word “doula” comes from the ancient Greek term meaning “a woman caregiver.” A doula is a woman who has education and experience assisting families with their newborn baby/babies. The doula helps in the home providing the family with guidance, nonjudgmental support, and education for their baby.

How can a postpartum doula help mothers and families:

* Care for the mother, giving her time to recuperate.

* Information and support for breastfeeding and bottlefeeding.

* Newborn care and techniques, including sleep strategies.

* Light household tasks.

* Setting up the nursery, assembling baby items, and organizing.

* Sibling support.

* References to local resourses.

* Validation and enhancing of the mother’s ability to nurture and care for her new baby/babies.

* Assistance with breastfeeding and/or supplement feeding of baby.

* Accompanying the mother to her pediatric and/or obstetric visits.

* Running errands such as groceries, baby supplies and medications.

Teresa shares her words and passion for helping mothers and babies”

Hiring a Postpartum Doula during the pandemic relieves many stresses for new families.  During this time when social distancing is required and social support gatherings have been cancelled due to COVID, new mamas are at home alone.  Having a baby is a glorious wonderful experience but can also be overwhelming without proper support.

Reaching out to a postpartum doula to answer questions, provide support and guidance can be very reassuring during this time.  Having a trusted person to turn to for continuous support has tremendous benefits.  I can answer basic questions about breastfeeding, latching issues, provide breastfeeding positions, pumping questions, milk storage, etc.  I offer soothing techniques for calming baby and offer help as to why “my baby” is crying. I can give advice on newborn care whether it is about bathing, umbilical cord care, cradle cap, baby acne, etc.  New parents have all sorts of questions and a postpartum doula has the experience and knowledge to provide that support.

Not only is having a new baby overwhelming, a new mama is also experiencing many things.  She may be not feeling like her usual self.  Right after giving birth, your estrogen and progesterone levels drop dramatically, which can attribute to mood swings or anxiety.  Meanwhile, oxytocin, which is called the “bonding hormone” floods your system.  New mothers may experience all sorts of different emotions and having a postpartum doula to talk to helps alleviate the stresses and anxieties that you may be feeling. 

I am happy to offer support over the telephone, a zoom call or FaceTime.  I will also come to your home for day and/or night support.  My services include picking up groceries, running errands and picking up medications.  I love to cook and am happy to provide meals for you and your family.  For those of you that have had a cesarean, I can drive you to appointments with your doctor.   During this pandemic, family members or grandparents may not feel comfortable coming to help.  Having a postpartum doula provides the knowledge, guidance and support you need during this precious time.