“I miss shaking my teacher’s hand…

in the morning, playing with my friends at recess, and doing activities in person and not from a video. I miss just being with my classmates and friends. I miss so many things from school, but one of the things I miss the most is having the support of my friends in my class when I need it.” Abigail O’Keefe WSRF grade 4

“I never realized how much I loved school until I couldn’t go anymore. I miss seeing so many familiar faces, getting a smile here and a ‘how are you doing?’ there.” Remi Brunson WSRF grade 5

“I miss being able to talk to my friends without being six feet apart.” Lowry Camp WSRF grade 6

“The hardest part is probably not being able to be in a classroom with all of my classmates, and not being able to play outside with them at recess.” Maya Lindbloom WSRF grade 6

“Even during Coronavirus, I know that I can always turn to my teacher Mrs. Diana Beatz for help. I also know that I can trust talking with her about both phyiscial and emotional challenges.” Chantal Smith WSRF grade 6

MP Covid Classroom update



PreK – Grade 2 First Day of School:  Wednesday, August 12
Grades 3-8: Tuesday, August 25

On Campus? YES!

WSRF is blessed with many inherent advantages that helped make this decision possible. These include:

• Small class sizes combined with investment in additional desks allows for physical distancing without reducing class size.
• Physical layout of classrooms and modified scheduling allows for creating cohorts.
• Separate entrances for each classroom, with natural ventilation: two doors in each class and multiple windows allow for cross-ventilation.
• 14-acre campus to allow for outdoor classroom settings where appropriate.
• A community of employees and parents committed to healthy practices and compassion for all.

An overview of WSRF COVID Safety Protocols:

• Early Childhood Center licensing guidelines requires daily screening by the school of each student and employee.
• Face masks for all bus riders while on the bus.
• Face masks for all students age 10 and older.
• Intensified cleaning and disinfection.
• Exclusion and containment plan in case of illness as mandated by the State.


Tiered COVID-Adapted Educational Models:

New Normal – Full-time on-campus classes with increased hygiene, face masks, and social distancing.

Dual Track – Classes split into limited group sizes for 2.5 days/week on-campus, in-person classes, and 2.5 days/week of at home.

Distance Learning Blocks – Curriculum delivery from 1st – 8th grade will include teacher-created videos, on-line presentations, written lessons, and “student study pods.”

Is there still room to enroll for this school year?  Yes!  LEARN MORE HERE.

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