Jill Scher

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Vivid, deeply saturated colors make Jill Scher’s felted works of art seem like royal jewels. She works with silky, soft strands of dyed, carded lambswool – what you’d use for spinning fine yarn. Jill handles the fibers so that the strands interweave, forming a firm, pliable densely soft material. It is both sculptural and flowing. 

“My relationship with fiber began as a relationship with color,” she says. “Reaching for crayons at a very young age, deciding certain colors look beautiful next to one another.”


Scher started knitting at age eight or nine with her twin sister Jan Schubert (of Bee Happy Candles, featured in our Locally Sourced Gift Box). She soon fell in love with weaving, spinning, natural dyeing, and ways to make complex weave patterns. By her early twenties, as a young mother, she started designing clothing, making tapestries, and selling her work. 

When she enrolled in the Rhode Island School of Design in her mid-thirties, Jill and her husband Michael Scher moved to Providence, RI with their four children and he took up most of the parenting and homemaking so she could immerse herself in her studies.

“I was totally engaged,” she recalls working in studio art classes until 11:00 PM, heading home, sleeping, getting up and taking their son to school then racing back to the classroom. 


“Fiber formed my life. But it’s not about textiles. It’s making beauty, working with color. That’s the foundation that helped me find my way through adolescence, adjusting to marraige, and raising children. What kept me grounded was making things.” 

Beautiful things. Jill’s Third Street Center studio is a showroom of scarfs, table runners, sculptural vessels and wall hangings, each an exploration of color, form, movement, light, and the natural world. She designed a series of hats – not ski-town beanies – fine millinery, shaped with a flapper brim, soft and downy yet sturdy because of Scher’s wool felting technique. 

Jill Scher’s design for the Holiday Gift Box starts with a pure bar of soap scented with lavender essential oils. She wraps each in layers of soft wool, blending and swirling colors in a marbled effect. Don’t place it on a shelf, on display. The idea is to indulge yourself. Draw a bath. Soak a while. Jill’s work reminds us: life and art are meant to be intertwined.

Jill Scher

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