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Mother of three boys, ages 16, 19, and 21. Writer, blogger, and founder of a hyper-local
destination travel site and a business networking service.

JILLIAN LIVINGSTON: “I worked in film production before motherhood

But those hours are not sustainable if one wants to also be home with one’s children. So I started a blog and worked from home. Soon, I became known as a “mommy blogger,” writing authentically and often humorously about raising children in Aspen, and how navigating the sea of parenting in a resort town was akin to boating through unchartered waters without an engine.

As my sons became teenagers

I documented how my worrying was distancing my boys, and possibly even pushing them toward my biggest fear of substance use. I began meditating and increasing my yoga practice to decrease the worrying. What evolved was beautiful, the more I stepped back, the more the boys stepped in closer. Perhaps I’ll write a parenting book one day. I already have the beginning chapters on the blog.

As our boys got older, they no longer allowed me to reveal their private lives

And so I transitioned the blog to Aspen Real Life, a destination website for tourists that also platforms the voices of our locals. Now, as my sons lean into adulthood, I am able to hire local talent to produce content for the blog so that I may focus on my professional social network that is rapidly growing. These members have also become my team, and together we are working towards strengthening our community. Once again, I am navigating uncharted territories, but these challenges are all mine, and I have the confidence that if I get out of my own way, I’ve got this, and anything else I set my mind to achieve.


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MOUNTAIN PARENT Editor & Designer • When Kathryn is not at her desk with MP, she cycles, snowboards, skis, writes fiction and keeps bees in downtown Carbondale with her teenage children, husband Rich, and their wayward husky-coyote Zelda.