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Project Resource Studio

Kathleen Wanatowicz: strategic communications, project marketing, facilitation, and crisis communications. Kathleen’s team has a passion for helping small communities solve big problems and advance projects that increase economic opportunities. 

Kathleen Wanatowicz
Kathleen Wanatowicz: “Mom and entrepreneur happened at the same time.

I started a small consulting job right before I became pregnant with our first child. The freedom and flexibility provided a perfect fit, so I leaned into consulting and found that I love growing a business. I enjoy mentoring others and building a dynamic team. 

In the early days of being a mom and working

I had to release negative energy associated with feeling guilty for working. We put this pressure on ourselves as mothers and businesswomen; once I was able to fully enjoy and embrace both roles, my mojo was cleared, and I have never looked back.

My advice?

Get help on home tasks to free up your schedule to focus on deep work. Deep work is work that is focused without distraction; deep work is the real hard work time that it takes to grow a business. At our office, we “tap out” and say, “I am headed into deep work and need to focus.” That means no interruptions. No distractions. Every mom needs this.

… Kathleen Wanatowicz


Project Resource Studio

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