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Meet MP’s 2021 Redstone Marble Staycation host



Mother of four
Redstone Ruby
Redstone General Store





I grew up gallivanting in the Crystal River Valley.  Avalanche Ranch was my childhood kingdom long before it became the literal hotspot it is today. Our hot spring of choice back then was the Penny, way before it became a pin on Google maps. I have seen the valley evolve, from the “quiet” days of coal mining when few knew of this beautiful place, to the visitors and new residents of today. Back then, and still today, I enter this sacred Ute homeland with reverence. My wish is to share the song of the river with you, the whispers of the wind. Let me take you there.

6:30 AM

Sunrise soak at
Penny Hot Springs.

Be prepared to share the river with bighorn sheep, a herd of elk, rainbow trout and fireflies.

Bring your bathing suit, towel, water and your change of clothes.

It’s important when you visit to be respectful and leave not a trace. If you see something amiss, like a cigarette butt or

a can laying near the river, pick it up. We don’t want it to float down stream.

Soak and linger.

Make new friends.

Try going from hot to cold.

Notice what this does.

Do you have the Shivers? 

Perhaps you feel warm.

Either way, it’s exhilarating.

Your body is awake and fully transformed.

If you are thirteen years and younger I have a challenge for you. How many cold plunges can you do? Are you able to jump in the number of years you have been alive? If you succeed and have witnesses, please come to the Redstone General Store, and a surprise will be waiting for you. 

End on Cold.

Take your time. 

Remember no rush.

Let the sun warm you
as you get dressed.

Could you be a steward of the Penny Hot Springs?
Remember –
Leave not a trace!

9:30 AM

Drive slowly, no rush, roll down your windows, take in your surroundings. Put down your phone, let the media go.  

Beauty abounds.
She is all around.

Quiet and serene.

10:00 AM

At the Redstone General Store, say hello to Rochelle Norwood and her mother Gina Tassinari. Home-cooked meals – it’s what’s cookin’ so you’ll most definitely be nourished and contented. Perhaps you’ll enjoy a fresh housemade organic donut or tear off a piece of  Shepherd’s Bread Sourdough Semolina.

Order breakfast, and while it’s cooking, shop for picnic items and snacks. Organic lotions, potions, lip balms and hats.

Did you forget your layers? 

Not to worry, a General Store hoodie is calling your name.

Mermaids in the Mountains,

How can this be? Come visit and you will see.

10:30 AM

Exploring the boulevard. 
Kids can bring bikes, scooters or skateboards to make the boulevard walk more fun. 

Propaganda Pie’s Deep Crusted ‘Burnt End’ pie is a culinary surprise with delicious, crispy edges. Vegetarian or Meat, it is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Visit the Coke Ovens used to burn the impurities off the coal mined in Coal Basin, creating a hotter, more efficiently burning coal. Built in 1899, at the time boasting 249 ovens, this was Colorado’s largest coking operation.

I highly recommend setting aside another day for touring the Redstone Castle. They do a great job delving into the Valley’s historical ups and downs, focusing in particular on John Cleveland Osgood, the coal tycoon who took an interest in developing Redstone as an experiment in “welfare capitalism.”  Redstone touts an early adoption of indoor plumbing and electricity.  The town is a result of the visions of Osgood and his second wife, Alma, known affectionately here as “Lady Bountiful.”

Redstone Castle

1:00 PM

Leave Redstone behind.

Head south, first stop:  

Hayes Creek Falls.

Always a sight that delights.

Refreshes and cleanses 

Cool misty waters.

Sit for awhile.

Enjoy the dewy air.

Close your eyes.

Listen and feel.

The water thunders
as it falls.

2:00 PM

Head to the top of McClure Pass. Take in the Crystal Valley below, its vast and majestic view from the base of Chair Mountain.

Maybe you want to picnic, 

Or just stretch your legs. 

Perhaps you and your family play in the forest.

3:00 PM

When your heart says “Let’s go,” head back down the mountain. Follow the signs 

to Marble. 

Going up river, take your time. Drive slowly, notice the river and how it flows.

Breathe in the mountain air. Listen for birds.

Watch for a moose,
is that a Beaver over there?

Keep an eye out for the Marble Symposium sign.

Park and walk down the road. Prepare to be befuddled when you visit the artists in residence.

It’s cool by the river. 

Sculpting is noisy and loud. 

This is a place where
characters abound.

One can’t help but to marvel

in Marble. It’s the treasure found inside these mountains.

Tip: visit Monique at the Marble Gallery. An artist herself, she can tell you stories about the sculptures out front.

4:00 PM

Land at Beaver Lake. 

Respectfully park, pull out your fishing pole. Pump up your paddle board. 

You are now close to the top of our watershed.  Be mindful of our neighbors downriver. Walk gently, pick up trash. 

Beaver Lake

Remember –
Leave not a trace! 

You are in a good place to ponder, while your board floats upon the waters, enveloped by mountains.

Blessings abound  

Mother Earth 

What a beauty!  

Restore and replenish 

Give your thanks.

With Grace do we travel? 

Lightly do we tread? 

Always, respectful of our Watershed.

7:00 PM

Slow Groovin’

What a relief. Good Ol’ Barbecue Cookin’ that will fill your tomorrows. The menu is packed with their “favorite tastes from hot spots across the country.” Such as UnRoutine Poutine. It’s never a miss, a Moebius family favorite.

Mountains and music,
a beer if you please …

Save room for their
“Out-of-the-Oven” cookies. Or order to bake at home.  

Do you have more time?

Perhaps a round of

Frisbee Golf before you go? Is that a Yes? Then let your meal settle. Park below the Marble fire station. Search for the first basket, then find eight more baskets interwoven in the trees.  

With river views and narrow aspen-dense fairways,  

you’ll be bedazzled by beauty. Keep an eye on your disc. They can be hard to find if you land in the rough.

The first stars appear. 

Take your time on the drive. 

Enjoy the night’s sky. 

When you arrive home,

Sleep Deeply. 

Awaken the next morning

Restored and refreshed.


Redstone General Store

Redstone, Colorado



Aspen: Summer Berg
Snowmass: Carlie Umbarger
Basalt, Willits & El Jebel: Ryan Honey
Carbondale: Aly Sanguily
Glenwood Springs: Michelle & Jason Smith

About Oriana Moebius

The mother of four children who are fifth-generation Crystal Valley Natives. As an ode to her childhood memories of her days on the Redstone Boulevard, she has partnered with Rochelle Norwood to curate the Redstone General Store in service to the Community. “It is my hope,” she writes. “That we can welcome visitors and residents with open hearts, reminding people of how truly special this Valley is.”