Six-Foot Staycation

Like so much in our lives right now, MOUNTAIN PARENT’s Summer Edition is “going digital.” Our Six-Foot Staycation is a summerlong series of posts aimed to update you about ways to “Vacation like you live here & and play like a tourist in your own backyard” while supporting our local businesses and flattening the C-19 curve.

It’s the end of our first trimester.

As of June 1, we’ve reached week twelve of Coronavirus closures.

Remember this milestone, dearest parents? After twelve weeks of gestation, your world opened up. You emerged from your cocoon and announced your news. That is, you reached out to everyone outside your circle of immediate family and closest friends. Sound vaguely familiar?

Although our circumstances are decidedly different living through a pandemic, compared with awaiting the joyous arrival of a child, we can choose to embrace this historic time with a similar sense of protective anticipation. Remember forgoing sushi? And brie? And second-laps on Highlands bowl and frozen margaritas in love already with the precious being you now tuck into bed at night or beg to taste their peas or celebrate in cap and gown.  

Remember the uncertainty of not knowing? Just like pregnancy, we’re living through a time that is shaped by waiting, worrying, hoping, praying, wishing for “normal,” and realizing that there will be no such thing ever again. This is why many historians are calling Covid-19 a “biographical moment” in our consciousness, because, like becoming new parents, our lives will forever be changed by this event. 

What exactly are we “birthing?”

What kind of future are we giving life to right now? One of being fearful of the “other?” Afraid of connection? Mistrusting of the world and the information we receive? Or are we birthing a stronger sense of resilience? And the kind of hope and resourcefulness that can bring us together? Even at a distance? Can we share in the common good by keeping the most vulnerable among us safe – while also working together to open doors? It’s entirely up to us, each of us, to decide how to birth this baby.

What to expect while we’re expecting…

The thing that seems hardest right now is – there’s no telling what to expect.

But there is some good news.

We in Colorado have a solid statewide recovery plan with dedicated experts at the community level working tirelessly to implement it. On June 1, as we enter Phase 2.2 of Colorado’s “Safer at Home” protocols, a number of businesses will start to reopen – those with official clearance to do so after working with County officials on a Covid-19 operation plan.

This means that we can expect protocols in place to safeguard against an uptick in the spread of Coronavirus. Such as face masks and six-foot clearances. Friends, we can demonstrate – both for our children and for our very-welcome visitors (who may come from places where face masks just aren’t so cool) – that this is how we roll here. Doing so will help keep our community thriving on every level.

MOUNTAIN PARENT’S C-19 summer plans

MOUNTAIN PARENT’s Summer Camp Planner provides updates on measures taken by our partners – services from Aspen to Glenwood Springs providing care, support, and programming for children and families. You can learn on a program-by-program basis how each is working creatively and thoughtfully to reopen, stay open, and keep each child and family safe. Our Service Planner gives this intel for a number of other categories as well.

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