Valentine’s Gift Box

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For us, it’s more than a Valentine’s Gift Box. It’s Locally Sourced Edible Art.

We thrive here on locavore impulses. Mix these with a healthy dash of joyful creativity. Blend with cultural curiosity. Finally, sprinkle with a hint of eco-foodie consciousness. And there you have it, the Roaring Fork Valley food scene. Many here are unabashed food snobs. And frankly, we’re all better off because of it.

Take, for example, the kids at Aspen Youth Center. They get to rub elbows with local chefs like David Wang, the director of Culinary Art at Anderson Ranch. He recently taught an after-school Top Chef group how to make Yaki Soba.

Next, meet Sandra Ponce. She grew up baking Alfajores with her mother in Peru. She now continues the tradition here with her six-year-old daughter. Sandra’s unforgettable butter cookies are such a hit in her that she’s opening a bakery. Black Bear Eats celebrates Sandra’s Peruvian food heritage.

(It must be noted, Colorado’s Cottage Industry food regulations make this start-up possible, along with a number of other local pop-ups and eateries.)

Also, there’s Abigail Mandel. While earning her Ph.D., she researched the science of taste and smell. Now a mother of three, she creates wild and original flavors through her line of Cocoatree Chocolates. Here’s a company that grew from holiday gifts she made for co-workers at CRMS.

Then, consider Mark Burrows. He started teaching a good many of us the difference between big-food pharma and real, honest edibles 25 years ago when he ran the Aspen Clark’s Market natural foods department. Now, he is mastering the art of making chocolate. Pollinator Chocolate sources cacao from ethical, small-scale growers. So Mark’s now showing us the delicious complexity of single-origin chocolate.

MP’s Valentines Gift Box

This limited-edition collection showcases six Roaring Fork Valley makers of edible art. Plus, a Lilybart “Love Hedgehogs” notepad for your tasting notes. It’s never been easier to share a bite of this beloved place. 

Valentines Gift Box
The Locally Sourced Valentines Gift Box

Lovingly packaged with Lilybart “Hedgehog Love” paper art.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the Locally Sourced Valentines Gift Box:
  1. Alfajores by Black Bear Eats
    Sandra Ponce shares a Peruvian tradition. Tender melt-in-your-mouth cookies sandwich Manjar Blanco filling, her mom’s recipe for luscious, silky, slow-cooked Dulce de Leche. 
  2. Drinking Chocolate by Pollinator Chocolate
    Single-origin dark and milk chocolate made from bean to bar by Mark Burrows, a local epicurean, father, and beekeeper. (gf)
  3. Fleur de Sal by Too Haute Cowgirls
    Butter toffee caramel corn coated in dark chocolate and dusted with toffee and sea salt. A small-batch, non-GMO popcorn brand founded by Amy Kirkpatrick to celebrate strong women. (gf)
  4. Hot Chocolate Bombs by Aspen Youth Center
    Made by kids in AYC’s after-school cooking class. A portion of Valentine’s Sampler Box sales will support this free program. (gf)
  5. Chocolate Caramel Almond Clusters by Sunshine & Moons
    Organic signature confections offered by Sarah Neibler, a Glenwood Springs baker whose specialties include gluten-free and party menus. (gf)
  6. Cocoatree Chocolates
    Part of the fun with this line of handmade, hand-painted chocolates by Abigail Mandel is guessing what the brilliant swirls of color indicate about the outrageous filling inside. Is it  Banana Bread? Raspberry Cardamom? Or Sesame Ginger? (gf)


Order Deadline: Friday, February 5

Local Pick-up Staring: Wednesday, February 10

Sorry! Because of the delicate nature of chocolate, shipping is not available.


Pollinator Chocolate

Cocoatree Chocolates

Black Bear Eats

Too Haute Cowgirls

Aspen Youth Center

Sunshine & Moons

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