Vera Herbals

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Got your attention, didn’t we? These big green buds from Vera Herbals are not exactly what you think. We’ve got a stash here of industrial hemp. It contains such minuscule levels of THC that you may not even need to hide it from the kids.

It’s the key healing ingredient of Vera Herbals lip balm. A mom friend told us about it recently when her son’s lips entered change-of-season hell with brand new braces. They noticed a big improvement overnight. 

So we at MP tried it. And we added it to the Holiday Gift Box because it’s the bomb. It works wonders and it’s as local as it gets.


Sustainable Settings grows the Vera Herbals hemp less than five miles from a lab and showroom where Tyler Bell and his wife Nicole Wallace, founders of Vera Herbals, extract and study cannabis oils and original strains of the plant.

Hemp, Tyler explains, “was not originally grown to be psychoactive. In its natural form, hemp contains little THC and robust levels of CBD and CBG, which don’t get you high. Instead, they get rid of inflammation and help lower stress.” 

The product line started with the “Everyday Salve” that Nicole created to help Tyler overcome a severe back injury. Now they offer two salves, the original, plus “Athletic Salve” for acute pain, using locally grown arnica. 

Tyler and Nicole moved here five years ago from Tallahassee, Florida where their hands and lips knew nearly 100 % humidity. Nothing helped their dry, cracked skin until Nicole created this lip balm formula, which they package in entirely compostable cardboard. Have you ever wondered how many tubes of plastic lip balm we discard every day in the U.S.? Is this number even quantifiable? 

Just try it. We’re hooked. 


Vera Herbals

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